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Safe and Reliable Pet Wellness Exam for Cats and Dogs

Like people, a physical exam for your cat or dog is a great way to ensure they stay healthy and happy. If your pet is due for a yearly appointment or wellness exam, the team at Metrovet can help. We’re your go-to partner for pet care.

Why Are Pet Wellness Exams Important?

Annual wellness examinations are the best way to ensure your pet stays healthy throughout their life and avoid health problems. That’s because your veterinary professional can administer any routine exams during their checkup and identify potential health risks early at annual or semi-annual exams.

Maintaining a routine wellness plan is the best way for pet owners to stay on top of things like core vaccines, parasite prevention, and oral health/dental care, pet care tips and avoid any more significant concerns like heartworm disease, kidney disease, dental disease, and more.

How Often Should You Bring in Your Dog and Cat for a Wellness Exam?

At Metrovet, we typically recommend a pet owner does yearly exams for dogs and cats. If your pet has any additional concerns or risk factors, we may prescribe wellness plans or services that include biannual visits.

Pet Wellness Exam

Factors That May Affect Pet Wellness Exam Cost

While annual or biannual pet wellness exams can be more predictable to budget for, some factors may impact the total cost of your pet checkups. These factors can include an additional blood screen or blood tests, digital x-rays, and other tests that might be recommended based on your pet’s health concerns. These other tests can often help your pet avoid significant health risks by catching and addressing them early.

What to Expect When You Bring Your Dog or Cat in For a Wellness Exam

At your pet’s wellness exam, the team at Metrovet will conduct a physical exam which includes an overview of your pet’s general condition, weight, blood pressure check, any dental plaque buildup and more. Your veterinarian will also administer annual immunizations, do any needed laboratory tests, and check for intestinal parasite(s) during your visit if that is due.


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We typically recommend you book appointments annually for healthy dogs and cats.
Your veterinarian will conduct a physical exam, administer any routine vaccines or tests (like a heartworm test), and recommend any additional procedures such as a blood screen or dental x-ray.
The cost of a wellness exam depends on additional factors such as vaccines and/or tests that may occur during your visit. Contact our team at Metrovet to request a quote for your visit.

We work hard to manage your time efficiently during any visit to Metrovet. Typically, patients spend about half an hour to an hour from start to finish at a wellness exam. That includes the time you check in with our staff, meet the team, visit with the veterinarian, and check out. Additional tests or special circumstances may add more time to your overall visit.

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If you’re looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable team to help you care for your pet, schedule a surgical appointment with Metrovet. 

We’re here to partner with you, from routine surgeries to those that address emergencies and add an extended life expectancy for your pet. We’re able to offer you expert care at a lower cost than most veterinary clinics.

We have the specialized skills and team – from veterinarians to veterinary technicians – to provide a lifetime of care for your dog and cat.