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Caring for a Senior Dog: 12 Tips to Help Your Dog Age Happily

Senior Dig

If you have an older dog, you may begin to notice common signs of aging. You may also wonder how best to care for this new stage in your pet’s life. At Metrovet, we’re here to help care for your pet at any stage and support senior dog parents through the later years. What Happens […]

What is the DAPPv Vaccine and Why is it Important?

puppy getting vaccine

You may have questions if you’re new to puppy vaccines (or maintaining an adult dog vaccination schedule). From the benefits of annual vaccinations to understanding how a Rabies vaccination and DAPPv vaccination can help protect your pet, we’re here to help. What Does the DAPPv Vaccine Protect Against? The DAPPv vaccine protects against Distemper, Adenovirus, […]

Lyme Disease Vaccine for Dogs: Is It Recommended?

lyme disease vaccine

One crucial way to keep your pets safe is through routine health check-ups, vaccines, treatments that fight disease infection, and more. Not sure which vaccines are most important? The team at Metrovet can help. This piece covers the importance of Lyme Disease vaccine administration in dogs, especially in high-risk areas in North America or dogs […]