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Our mission for Metrovet is to prioritize loving support for our patients, our clients, and each other as colleagues.

No health situation or illness is the same and all of our patients and clients come to us with unique needs.

We want to ensure that we acknowledge those unique circumstances and work with you on a treatment plan that provides confidence, trust, and peace of mind.


as told by founder Dr. kelly temple

I love being a veterinarian, but I have spent many years looking for another job. I have been on countless interviews. I was always trying to find a place I wanted to work and spend almost everyday of my life, and always falling short. So I decided create the place I had envisioned in school. I wrote my first business plan for a practice when I was in my third year of veterinary school. Why had I waited so long? 

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Veterinarians have the most wonderful career in the world but find it difficult to love their jobs.

We want to help animals and people have long healthy lives but are often dedicating our efforts toward production goals and profit margins. We fight the urge to give away our services to keep our doors open.

We want to be doctors first and business owners only because of necessity. So those of us who love medicine, choose to find a comfortable place that will let us be doctors and forget the rest. Those places are rare, and we either settle in to good enough or stay on a perpetual search.

I decided in 2019 to open the practice I was looking for. And then in March 2020, I had to ask myself, can I open a startup now?

And the answer was easy.

There is no better time to fight for a better way of practicing medicine and fill a need that is growing for exceptional veterinary care. I fought through remote zoning hearings, lenders shying away from startups in a high-risk economy, and construction costs sky-rocketing.

I wanted to open a practice and be a veterinarian. I was not about to give up this chance.

Doctors like to think in statistics and published studies, but the prognosis for each individual is not the sum of their data points. A successful response to treatment is not just about the medications and the surgery. We get better because of the compassionate care and guidance that we’re given and through our own perseverance and heart.

Meet our team

Dr. Kelly Temple

Dr. Kelly Temple

Dr. Temple holds a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the Colorado State University 2007. She is a seasoned surgeon and broadly-skilled general practice clinician with training and experience in small business management. With over 13 years of experience in general practice, Dr. Temple is excited to bring a modern approach to veterinary medicine.

Elite Fear Free Certified Professional

carrie Bonacorsi

Dr. Carrie Bonacorsi

Dr. Bonacorsi holds a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri - College of Veterinary Medicine 2005. After 16 years in companion animal emergency then general practice she grew frustrated with the dead ends and adverse side effects clients and patients might meet with conventional medicine, surgery and diet options alone. Using her five years of advanced training in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Medical Manipulation she now exclusively practices acupuncture, Chinese herbal and food therapies, and veterinary chiropractic as both treatment and preventive/ wellness modalities. In working towards a return to balance allowing the body to heal itself, these modalities work very well alongside the advanced conventional veterinary medical options available today.

randi henry

Dr. Randi Henry

Dr. Henry received her veterinary degree in 2002 from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. At Tufts University Dr. Henry studied International Medicine and Population Health with a focus on disease monitoring, genetic diversity and genetic mapping. After working for an emergency and referral clinic in Ohio, Dr. Henry returned to Massachusetts where she worked as a general practitioner in the MetroWest area for the 11 years. She also worked at the Worcester Animal Rescue League for 10 years and has a special interest in shelter/rescued pets. Dr. Henry recently worked at Boston Veterinary Clinic for the past 6 years and we now welcome her to MetroVet.

Elite Fear Free Certified Professional

Dr. Cindy Talbot, DVM, DACVIM 

Dr. Talbot received her veterinary degree in 2007 from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation from Tufts, Dr. Talbot completed a one-year small animal rotating internship followed by a three-year residency in small animal internal medicine at Angell Memorial in Boston.  Following her residency, Dr. Talbot practiced internal medicine in the referral setting for six years in the greater Boston area. In 2017, Dr. Talbot founded Massachusetts Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound, LLC (MMVU) providing mobile ultrasound services (abdominal, cervical, non-cardiac thoracic, and fine needle aspirations) and internal medicine consults to veterinarians in the greater Boston area. 

Our job is to provide support for recovery through exceptional medicine, nutritional support, education and love.

Our practice has one mission now… MORE LOVE. More love for our patients and clients, more love for our colleagues and friends, and more love for our work.

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