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Rabies Vaccines For Dogs

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Then you likely already know the importance of this vaccine for domestic animals.

A Rabies vaccine protects your dog from a fatal disease that is dangerous for both pets and pet owners. This vaccine, like the DAPP (which includes Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2 (Hepatitis), Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza), can be administered yearly during your pet’s annual exam. Most veterinary clinics also offer a three-year option.

What is Rabies?

Rabies, like other infectious diseases, is a deadly viral disease that can negatively affect your animal. The virus spreads through the saliva of an infected or rabid animal (like another dog or wild animals like a bat, skunk, or raccoon).

If your dog becomes infected with Rabies, the response can be deadly.

The signs of Rabies include severe problems like fever, spasms and paralysis, confusion, and aggression. Because Rabies is almost always fatal once symptoms occur, it’s imperative to seek medical attention if you suspect animal bites to your dog. The same is true if your pet has come in direct contact with a rabid animal.

What to Expect

If you're new to having furry friends, you may wonder what to expect when you schedule an exam for dog vaccinations. From preventing Lyme disease and Bordetella (kennel cough) to explaining how heartworm prevention works, we're here to help.

When you schedule an annual appointment and service, our veterinarians will first assess your pet's health with a physical exam. Next, your veterinarian will outline any required vaccines or additional services they recommend based on the age and condition of your dog.

Typically, you will vaccinate for the primary contagious viruses or diseases affecting dogs, such as Rabies and Distemper. You may also get additional vaccines for conditions that could affect your dog, such as Bordetella (or kennel cough).

During an annual wellness exam, we also look for heartworms through a simple blood test, a. And test for additional parasites (not just heartworm) by completing a fecal exam. Once your dog gets a clean bill of health and their yearly vaccinations, they will be on their way out the door (but not before stopping at the front counter for a treat)!

Rabies Schedule for Dogs

Whether you’ve just adopted a puppy or rescued an adult dog, protecting them with vaccinations is essential, particularly if you’re not sure of their medical history.

Below is a general guideline for administering your pet’s vaccinations based on age.

tim umphreys dog


A puppy purchase or adoption is exciting! But it's also a crucial time to protect your young pet from deadly diseases with an initial puppy vaccination schedule and/or booster vaccination. Vaccines can help support your pup's immune system and keep them safe from things like Rabies.

Usually, puppies begin a vaccination regimen between six weeks and eight weeks of age (or when they are weaned). Expect to visit your vet every two to four weeks until about four months old. Talk with our veterinarians if you don't have your new pet's records or vaccine history to discuss the best steps for getting your new pet protected with puppy shots.

adult dog


Support your adult pet by following an annual vaccine schedule. Not only can your dog be vaccinated for deadly diseases they may come in contact with, but they can also be checked for additional concerns during these routine services.

This means that even if you choose a three-year Rabies option, you should continue to visit your veterinary clinic annually for a wellness exam.


Want to learn more? Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

Technically, you may be able to buy a vaccine from a supplier or buy it online from a site, but you may not administer it at home.

By law, Rabies Vaccines must be given by a licensed veterinarian. That vet will provide proof of Rabies vaccination (such as a Rabies Vaccination Certificate and Rabies Vaccination Tags) at the time of service.

If you search for vets in Boston, you’ll be connected with several options in your area.

At Metrovet, we welcome all pets along with their humans.

It’s our goal to deliver exceptional care throughout the life of your dog (or cat) so if you don’t have a clinic for your family, visit the contact form on our website to schedule your first appointment.

Taking care of your pets is a top priority, but so is finding affordable care. At Metrovet, we work hard to ensure our services are affordable for pet owners.

The necessary services and exam fees contribute to the overall average cost of an appointment, so contact us to request a quote.

If a client is not able to afford services at Metrovet Clinic, our team may be able to assist you in the search for a low-cost vaccine clinic or solution to securing low-cost Rabies vaccines. Our goal is to ensure your pet is not at risk for dangerous diseases.

Dogs in Massachusetts must be vaccinated for Rabies throughout their life as it is a primary vaccination and core vaccine (a non-core vaccine is elective, not mandated).

Most veterinarians sell and administer two options for Rabies. The first is a 1-Yr labeled Rabies vaccine, and the second is a three-year vaccine.

Which vaccine is used may depend on the person who owns the pet, the veterinarian, and the pet and their overall condition.

Call a licensed veterinarian if you believe your dog was exposed to any infected animals (or a wild animal) or suffered a direct bite. Not only do you need to treat the bite wound (if one exists), but you also want to verify vaccination status and meet any legal requirements of an observation period, period of quarantine, etc. 

Because Rabies poses an immediate health risk, the animal owner is responsible for seeking help from a medical professional to ensure an effective strategy is followed to assess your pet and contain the potential spread of the disease.

If you’re searching for a trusted clinic for your animal family, give us a call. We would love to answer any questions and be your go-to vet.

Have questions about cats?

While some vaccines are essential for dogs and cats, there are unique vaccines for cats and kittens, such as feline distemper and feline leukemia.

If you have a cat (or kitten) due for a wellness exam and/or feline leukemia and other vaccines, click here to book an appointment with our clinic.