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Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy with Metrovet Pet Surgery

At Metrovet Clinic, our goal is to provide a lifetime of care for pets. From a puppy or kitten’s first visit to helping our older dogs and cats live an active and pain-free life, our team helps your pet maintain good health.

Sometimes good health and quality care mean needing a surgical specialist.

Our team works closely with our clients and their pets to deliver extraordinary veterinary medicine, that includes advanced surgical procedures when necessary.

What canine surgical Procedures Do We Offer?

Our knowledgeable veterinarians perform a number of surgeries to deliver the best care for your animal. Below is a short list of the most common surgeries our Board Certified Veterinary Surgery Specialist(s) perform at our Boston clinic.



Spaying your female pet refers to sterilization. This surgery can be an important way to keep your dog or cat healthy over their lifetime. During the process, our doctors will remove your pet's uterus and ovaries, which means they can no longer get pregnant. It also eliminates the risk of certain cancers.
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Neutering removes the testicles from a male dog or cat, meaning they can't impregnate female animals. Neuter procedures also reduce health risks, eliminates the possibility of unwanted litters, and can positively affect behavior and quality of life.
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Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is an essential part of our overall pet care service. During a dental procedure, our doctors will complete a cleaning, which may also include tooth extraction if there are any problems such as an infection. Routine dental cleanings protect your pet's health.
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soft tissue

Soft tissue

Soft tissue surgeries are those unrelated to bones, muscles, joints, and more. They typically include internal organs or body walls and may consist of removing tumors or correcting hernias.
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Reasons Your Pet May Need Surgery

Now that we've covered the most common procedures we perform at our hospital, you may be wondering how to know if your pet needs surgery. One of the best ways is to bring your pet in for annual wellness visits.

At any annual appointment, our doctor completes a full exam of your pet. During that visit, we discuss pet owner's concerns about behavior changes or any signs you’ve noticed that your pet may be experiencing pain or anxiety. We also look for conditions in pets that can indicate a problem.

Depending on your pet's age, and health, our doctor can discuss treatment options, from rest and medications to x-rays and surgery options. If our in-house services need to be supplemented with the support of specialists, we can refer you to experts we work closely with for appointments.

In addition to surgeries that address your pet's symptoms or concerns, we also handle emergencies like severe injuries or illness. Lastly, we're here when the adoption of a puppy or kitten expands your family and you want to discuss having your pet spayed or neutered.

How Do I Choose A Vet In The Greater Boston Area For Surgery?

It can be stressful for pet owners to know who to trust regarding their cat or dog surgery.

At Metrovet Clinic, we’re a compassionate team who understands the significant impact different types of surgeries can have on our four-legged friends. Because of that awareness, our vet surgeon strives to provide the best experience at every step, from completing a routine dental procedure to surgeries for pre-existing conditions to an ACL surgery or emergency procedure.

What Is The Process If My Pet Needs Surgery?

We start most conversations in the exam room, where we can assess your pet. We’ll also discuss any treatments and questions, from taking a digital x-ray and pre-surgical blood tests to our anesthetic plan for how we handle anesthesia, our surgical protocols, and outpatient care. 

Our goal is to demonstrate a high level of expertise, compassion, and clear instructions so that you feel comfortable that your pet’s safety and well-being are the top priority of our qualified veterinarian and team.

We complete routine surgeries, advanced or emergency procedures during office hours at our animal clinic, so our team can contact you with updates once the surgery is complete. We’ll also walk you through outpatient instructions (discharge instructions), so you can continue the best course of veterinary care at home

When you pick up your pet, we’ll have your pet’s pain medication ready or a prescription if you use an online pharmacy, along with the aftercare instructions. No matter what procedure we complete, you can trust that your pet will be treated with the utmost care by our expert team, just as if they were our pet.


Have more questions about surgery for your pet? Skip ahead to a list of frequently asked questions.

Typically, the most common pet surgeries are spay and neuter surgeries. We also complete many dental procedures. Another common surgery is one that removes skin masses.

Many pet owners have to balance the cost of surgery with their pet’s needs. Before any surgery, we’ll discuss the cost and any options to offset the total price. 

For some routine surgeries, there may also be low-cost options in the community that we can share with our clients who cannot afford the surgery from a regular veterinarian or veterinary clinic like Metrovet.

For routine surgeries, most often, you’ll discuss your pet’s needs at your annual wellness exams. Surgery may also be necessary if you notice signs of physical discomfort or anxiety.

Hip dysplasia, removal of bladder stones, hip replacement surgery, ocular procedures, and other advanced surgeries or complex surgeries are something our in-house animal surgeon can also complete based on your pet’s needs. This type of specialized care requires an expert vet surgeon who has advanced care training and experience, like the team at Metrovet Clinic. 

Before any surgery, our staff will discuss everything about our advanced training and medical care standards. 

We’ll also answer questions about your pet’s current health status, how we evaluate candidates for surgery, any risk of complications, post-operative monitoring, and more so you’re comfortable with the next steps before your pet undergoes any procedure.

Our motto is more love for our patients, clients, and colleagues. We’re proud to be a local vet serving our community, and we’d love to get to know you and become your go-to for complete care. Your pet’s well-being is a top concern, so please reach out to speak to our staff if we can assist you with any vet service or pet emergency.

Choose Metrovet Clinic For Your Pet's Surgical Needs

If you’re looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable team to help you care for your pet, schedule a surgical appointment with Metrovet. 

We’re here to partner with you, from routine surgeries to those that address emergencies and add an extended life expectancy for your pet. We’re able to offer you expert care at a lower cost than most veterinary clinics.

We have the specialized skills and team – from veterinarians to veterinary technicians – to provide a lifetime of care for your dog and cat.