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Have you adopted a dog or cat and need a low-cost spay, neuter option? Or, perhaps you just want to help feral cats and the pet overpopulation problem? Either way, if you find yourself searching for a participating veterinarian in the greater Boston area, you’re in the right place.

At Metrovet, we help pet owners take the best care of their dogs and cats with low-cost spay, neuter options and services that help pets live a long, healthy life.

But first, let’s talk about the benefits of spay, neuter services for dogs and cats.

benefits of Spaying and Neutering

If you’re thinking about getting your pet to a spay and neuter clinic, you may be wondering about the benefits. Keep reading for the top reasons that spaying and neutering can help animals (like your cat or dog) stay happy and healthy.

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  • Reduce Behavioral Concerns

    In many cases, dog and cat spaying and neutering pets will help reduce behavioral concerns. These behaviors can include heat cycles for female dogs and cats that contribute to things like crying and yowling. They can also decrease behaviors like aggression, roaming, and marking, which can hurt overall animal health.

  • Prevent Unwanted Litters

    Sometimes cute puppies and kitties from an unwanted litter may end up with friends and family in the community, but that is not always the case. Animal shelters work hard to help prevent homeless cats and dogs, but with the growing overpopulation, many will end up euthanized. Spay and neuter services help avoid this tragic outcome.

  • Decreased Health Risks

    Spay, neuter services can have many positive effects, including decreasing a pet's health risks. Spaying can eliminate the risk for common cancers, including uterine, breast, and ovarian, for female dogs and cats. For male pets, neutering reduces the risks of prostate or testicular cancer and can correct behavioral issues like roaming and aggression, which can lead to other dangerous situations.


If you’re considering spay, neuter services for your pet, you may have questions about finding a quality spay or neuter surgery. Keep reading for a list of common spay and neuter questions and answers.

A spay refers to the sterilization of a female pet. The veterinarian will remove the dog or cat’s uterus and ovaries during the procedure to complete the process.

Neuter refers to removing testicles from a male dog or cat so they can no longer impregnate a female cat or dog.

There are many health benefits to getting your animals spayed or neutered at the proper time. But for various reasons, sometimes that doesn’t occur. Low-income pet owners, for example, may have to save up or seek help from low-cost clinics before scheduling the procedure.

In other cases, dogs may be older because they were used for breeding purposes for the first few years or were rescued and adopted intact.

Regardless of the situation, it is possible to spay, neuter your pet if they are already a few years old. Depending on the case, there may be special considerations for your pet, as the procedure can be impacted by size, weight, and more. Contact our clinic to request information.

Spay, neuter procedures typically reduce or eliminate the risk of common cancers in your cat or dog, such as uterine, breast, ovarian, and prostate. Some cancers are not affected by these procedures or may correlate to a slightly increased risk depending on when the spay, neuter is completed.

Contact our clinic to learn more about your options and how to protect your pet best.

At Metrovet Clinic, we work to provide the best pet care at a fair price for our clients throughout the Boston, Massachusetts area. Contact our clinic to learn more about our low-cost options.

Public assistance may be possible for some clients thanks to a spay neuter program (or programs) in Boston, Massachusetts, such as the Spay Waggin. The Spay Waggin is a low-cost spay and neuter program through the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Our motto is more love for our patients, clients, and colleagues. We’re proud to be a local vet serving our community, and we’d love to get to know you and become your go-to for complete care. Your pet’s well-being is a top concern, so please reach out to speak to our staff if we can assist you with any vet service or pet emergency.

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