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Scheduling a Pet Wellness Exam? Here’s What You Need to Know Beforehand

what is a pet wellness exam

Most pet owners want to provide the best home – and health – for their cat or dog. From puppies and kittens to senior dogs and cats, pet wellness exams are one of the most valuable ways you can provide for your furry family member. What is a pet wellness exam? A pet wellness exam […]

How to Clean Your Cats Teeth Effectively

cat teeth cleaning

If you’re a pet parent to a feline, you know that sometimes your kitty’s breath can be less than fresh. But bad breath isn’t the only thing that can be lurking in your pet’s mouth. Maintaining good oral health with cat teeth cleaning is essential to support your cat’s overall health and help them avoid […]

Preventive Care for Dogs: Ultimate Guide for Pet Owners

Preventative Care For Dogs

If you love your dog (and we know you do), then there’s no question you want to do what’s best for their health and happiness. Being a proactive pet owner and doing preventative care for your dog is one of the best ways to help your dog avoid common health challenges. What Does Preventive Care […]

10 Tips for Dental Health in Dogs

dental health in dogs

If you’re like most pet owners, you want to take the best possible care of your dog. And that includes maintaining a lifetime of good oral health. If you need help figuring out where to start with dental health in dogs, keep reading for tips on everything from reducing bad breath to when to schedule […]

The Quality of Life Scale for Dogs: A Pet Owner’s Guide

Senior Dog

The Importance of Assessing Your Dog’s Quality of Life As your dog ages or faces health challenges, paying attention to their daily activities and behaviors can be especially important. Quality of life can change slowly or quickly depending on your pet and their condition, so assessing how they’re doing is critical since they can’t communicate […]

Caring for a Senior Dog: 12 Tips to Help Your Dog Age Happily

Senior Dig

If you have an older dog, you may begin to notice common signs of aging. You may also wonder how best to care for this new stage in your pet’s life. At Metrovet, we’re here to help care for your pet at any stage and support senior dog parents through the later years. What Happens […]

What is the DAPPv Vaccine and Why is it Important?

puppy getting vaccine

You may have questions if you’re new to puppy vaccines (or maintaining an adult dog vaccination schedule). From the benefits of annual vaccinations to understanding how a Rabies vaccination and DAPPv vaccination can help protect your pet, we’re here to help. What Does the DAPPv Vaccine Protect Against? The DAPPv vaccine protects against Distemper, Adenovirus, […]

Lyme Disease Vaccine for Dogs: Is It Recommended?

lyme disease vaccine

One crucial way to keep your pets safe is through routine health check-ups, vaccines, treatments that fight disease infection, and more. Not sure which vaccines are most important? The team at Metrovet can help. This piece covers the importance of Lyme Disease vaccine administration in dogs, especially in high-risk areas in North America or dogs […]

17 Crucial Questions to Ask a Veterinarian About Your Pet

Dog Vet

Most pet owners agree that having a dog or cat adds a ton of joy to their entire life. But as pet parents, you also want to ensure that you’re doing the best you can to help your dog or cat stay safe and healthy. Understanding the value of veterinary medicine is a great way […]